Designed by: Ryan Coates   Group: iGEM18_Cardiff_Wales   (2018-08-31)

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Applications of BBa_K2810009

The Cardiff iGEM team of 2018 used this part for quantification promoter sequences in Nicotiana benthamiana, and proved that the part worked in bacteria too. We found that expression in plants was very strong and fairly consistent, making it an excellent reporter gene for use in plants. It was also used to see if the ribitol operon control unit (from E. coli) functioned in plants. Figure 1 shows the results and quantification report when being used to compare the 35S and RTBV promoters. Figure 2 shows the functioning sequence in bacteria (top left) and the use for our collaboration with WashU to characterise their ribitol control operon.

Figure 1) The quantification report of the 35S promoter and RTBV promoter when linked to mCherry. This shows the raw photon output of leaf tissue in the table below it too, suggesting that the 35S CaMV promoter has expression 1000x that of the background level, and RTBV between 10-100x background level.

Figure 2) mCherry functions in bacteria too. The top left plate images show the raw output in E. coli. The right leaf images show expression at infiltration sites under control of the ribitol control operon, likely by Agrobacterium tumefaciens as they are most concentrated here.

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