Designed by: Geraint Parry   Group: iGEM18_Cardiff_Wales   (2018-08-24)

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Applications of BBa_K2810001

Using this part, the 2018 Cardiff_Wales iGEM team successfully quantified the expression of two promoters, 35S and RTBV, and three terminators, NosT, 35S, and G7.

This part proved highly useful for our characterisation experiments. Figure 1 shows these GUS assays.

Figure 1) GUS staining assays to quantify regulatory sequences. The left image shows quantification of the 35S CaMV promoter (top row), a negative control row (middle) and RTBV promoter (bottom row). The central and right panels show replicates to quantify the terminator sequences, where the top rows are negative controls, the second rows are 35S terminator, the third rows are the G7 terminator, and the final row is the nopaline synthase terminator.

Using this reporter gene, we conclude that to achieve the highest and most consistent gene expression in plants, one should use the 35S CaMV promoter and the G7 terminator.

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