Designed by: Tom van Sonsbeek   Group: iGEM16_TU-Eindhoven   (2016-09-25)

Applications of BBa_K2065000

iGEM TU Eindhoven 2016

iGEM TU Eindhoven used this part in combination with CT52-LargeBiT (""). These two proteins could dimerize on our heterodimeric T-14-3-3 scaffold proteins with mutation which were designed by our team. When dimerized the functional luciferase protein was formed. This protein showed luminescence at 460 nm. This system was used as a read out method for T14-3-3 heterodimers. It is schemtically visualised in figure 1. For more detailed information about the application of CT52-SmallBiT visit our wiki "".

Figure 1: Measurement system for T14-3-3 heterodimers using the NanoBiT system linked to CT52

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