Designed by: Cynthia Hale-Phillips, Theresa Sievert   Group: iGEM16_Stanford-Brown   (2016-10-08)

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Applications of BBa_K2027026

We were able to move towards building a biological thermometer with these chromoproteins+his-tags. We did this by heat testing of all 12 DNA2.0 chromoproteins with FLAG lumino his-tags. We pipetted 3 µl of extracted protein into each well and then let dry and added another 3 µl. Once this was dry we placed it into the oven that was preheated at 20 °C. We then began raising the temperature a degree C at a time until all 12 chromoproteins had lost their color. This process took an hour and the temperature was raised from 20 °C to 60 °C over this time period. The chromoprotein and the temperature it lost its color at is: PrancerPurple (55 °C), CupidPink (47 °C), TinselPurple (48 °C), VixenPurple (50 °C), MaccabeePurple (55 °C), SeraphinaPink (47 °C), LeorOrange (57 °C), ScroogeOrange (56 °C), BlitzenBlue (60 °C), DreidelTeal (Not colored in this experiment so no color changed observed), DonnerMagenta (55 °C), VirginiaViolet (53 °C). The chromoproteins were then taken out of the oven and rehydrated with 3 µl of milliQ water and they regained color.

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