Designed by: Liam Carroll   Group: iGEM16_Warwick   (2016-09-22)

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Applications of BBa_K1994004

This part was characterised by the Warwick iGEM 2016 team.

This RBS was incorporated into a larger construct upstream of superfolder GFP including a weakened omega promoter and dCas9 as a secondary gene. Three versions of this construct were tested using a growth and fluorescence assay, measuring OD600, and emission of GFP at 530nm. This data demonstrates the difference in fluorescence expression between constructs containing the weak omega promoter and a PheA terminator, containing only the terminator, and constructs containing neither.




The graphs show that expression of GFP is much higher in cells containing the weak omega promoter. There is also negligible difference in growth between cells containing the plasmid with the promoter and without.

This demonstrates that the RBS is working as the GFP is expressed successfully in cells containing an appropriate promoter.

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