Designed by: Thomas Dohmen, Milana Kremenovic, Yannick Kristiansen, Tim Maier   Group: iGEM16_TU_Darmstadt   (2016-10-13)

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Applications of BBa_K1976000

used for genomic integration with the help of BBa_K1976001

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We (TU_Darmstadt 2015) transposed our Biobrick onto a low copy vector (pSB4A5), because it is easier for plasmid curing afterwards. The sequencing results of the transformation into E. coli JM109 showed in four cases four different DNA sequences. After a protein blast (using NCBI BLAST) we found a transposase between prefix and suffix of our vector. We assume, that the homologous region in the λ-attP site is recognized by the transposase and it uses the similar sequences of prefix and suffix to translocate between these sites.

Figure 1: Blast of our sequencing results showing the ISAs1 family transposase (we expected BBa_K1976000 and got this) (NCBI blastx was used for this)