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Applications of BBa_K1829002

pFig2c is an alpha factor responsive promoter that can be used to activate gene transcription in MATa S. Cerevisiae cells. It is activated by the presence of mating factor alpha, a part of the S. Cerevisiae mating pathway. Unfortunately it is not a very "strong" promoter, resulting in only 5-fold activation.


Figure 1:pFig2c driving production of RFP, induced with increasing concentrations of mating factor alpha. Using flow cytometry we analyzed the fluorescence of the cells in order to measure the activity of pFig2c, which plateaus at 6.8 fold activation (6.8 times level at 0nM alpha factor).

We cloned pFig2c driving production of RFP (red fluorescence protein) into S. Cerevisiae cells, in order to use RFP as a reporter for the activity of pFig2c. Using flow cytometry we measured the fluorescence of cells induced with varying levels of mating factor alpha

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