Designed by: Laura van Smeden   Group: iGEM15_TU_Eindhoven   (2015-09-17)

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Applications of BBa_K1761006

Application TU Eindhoven 2015

SmallBit is used as an intracellulair signaling domain. In combination with LargeBit [1] a Bioluminescence signal can be generated by adding furimazine. We verified that this part alone with furimazine gives no signal. The same goes for SmallBit. Therefore, these parts are ideally as signaling components if you want to check if two parts are present.

Application TU Eindhoven 2016

iGEM TU Eindhoven used this part in combination with LargeBiT (""). These parts were linked to the CT52 protein. These linked parts are:
CT52-SmallBiT"" and CT52-LargeBiT""
Those two proteins could dimerize on our heterodimeric T-14-3-3 scaffold proteins with mutation which were designed by our team. When dimerized the functional luciferase protein was formed. This protein showed luminescence at 460 nm. This system was used as a read out method for T14-3-3 heterodimers. It is schemtically visualised in figure 1. For more detailed information about the application the NanoBiT system visit our wiki "".

Figure 1: Measurement system for T14-3-3 heterodimers using the NanoBiT system linked to CT52

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