Designed by: Julia Manalil   Group: iGEM14_Waterloo   (2014-10-04)


DsRed fluorescence was analyzed in both E. coli and S. epidermidis. The DsRed cassette (BBa_K1323015) was incorporated into a pUC57 plasmid containing an erythromycin resistance gene (BBa_K1323011) and Staphylococcal oriV (BBa_K1323018). This plasmid was transformed into the strains using heat shock for E. coli and electroporation for S. epidermidis. Pellets from 50 ml overnight cultures were collected into 1.5 ml eppendorf tubes. To the naked eye (A) E. coli has a pink color (left), whereas in S. epidermidis (middle), a slight pink colour could only be noticed if compared to S. epidermidis without the construct (right). When seen under a RFP filter (B) a high degree of red fluorescence was observed in E. coli (left) and a lower degree of red fluorescence was seen in S. epidermidis (middle). The S. epidermidis negative control (right) showed no observable fluorescence.

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