Designed by: Ting-Yun Chiang   Group: iGEM13_NYMU-Taipei   (2013-09-11)


TrxCp (Part:BBa_K1104201) is an OxyR-induced promoter, and was used as sensor to ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species).

TrxC promoter +E0840 (Part:BBa_K1104241)

We designed the device: TrxC promoter +E0840 (Part:BBa_K1104241) includes TrxC promoter (Part:BBa_K1104241) and Part:BBa_E0840, induced TrxC promoter by different concentrations of H2O2, and identified the strength.

In this device, after TrxCp (Part:BBa_K1104201) is activated, GFP generator Part:BBa_E0840 takes as input a transcriptional signal (PoPS) and produce as output GFP (green fluorescent protein). We induced TrxC promoter by different concentrations of H2O2, and measured the expression of GFP, and identified the strength.

We characterized TrxCp by following these Promoter Testing protocols. It shows the protocols we used for promoter testing. More details about ROS-induced promoters are in page: Sensing Nosema ceranae.


This is the relative promoter strength of BBa_K1104201 under different H202 concentrations tested using BBa_K11042041 (BBa_K1104201 +E0840) and found that there is a trend where the higher the H202 concentration, the higher the promoter expression:

NYMU TrxCp strength.png

Strengths of the basal level of various promoters that respond to reactive oxygen species with respect to BBa_J23101:

NYMU all1.png

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