Designed by: Tong Xu   Group: iGEM13_SCU_China   (2013-09-12)

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Applications of BBa_K1087007

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UNIQ12f305acdf3af00c-partinfo-00000000-QINU UNIQ12f305acdf3af00c-partinfo-00000001-QINU we assembly BBa_K1087007 with BBa_K1087018 to create BBa_K1087022. Then,we ligated RiboKey BBa_K145215 with BBa_K1087022 to create BBa_K1087023.

We transformed BBa_K1087018, BBa_K1087022, and BBa_K1087023 into E.coli DH5α,respectively. And we use irrelevant BBa_J61046 with no fluorescence gene as negative control. The transformed cells were cultured separately in the same condition and measured fluorescence value at same time.

We can see clearly from data that the basal level of PO promoter was really low, and its strength could be improved about 11 times when induced by phiR73 controlled by ribokey and lock.