Designed by: Hongyi WU   Group: iGEM13_SJTU-BioX-Shanghai   (2013-09-16)

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Applications of BBa_K1026001

The iGEM Warwick 2016 team improved this part by removing the illegal EcoRI site at the 1340th nucleotide allowing this part to compatible in biobrick standard plasmids. This makes it compatible with RFC10, RFC23, RFC25, and RFC1000. Our improved part is available at BBa_K1994000. This improved part is from the Qi et al. 2013 paper.

The iGEM Groningen 2017 team improved this part by removing the illegal EcoRI site from the original part, which was not codon optimized. This part was also sequenced verified and compatible with RFC10, 23, 25 and 1000. Moreover this part is experimentally validated by successfully silencing GFP using specific guide RNAs and the protein from this part expressed on a pBAD expression vector. As this part is now biobrick compatible, sequenced verified and experimentally validated makes it an improvement over both BBa K1026001 and BBa_K1994000. The part is available at BBa_K2361000.

This will make this dCas9 part more available to teams seeking to use biobrick plasmids in their designs.

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