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Applications of BBa_J364000

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SCU-China 2018:

Experiment conditions:

1. 37℃ incubator for E.coli DH5α;

2. LB liquid medium.

Analyze & Results:

We use this part BBa_J364000 as our original source of GFP proteins. As our expectation, this part can work normally under our experiment conditions.

For the modification, we added a spacer sequence and NGG site just on the upstream of the promoter for repression of GFP expression. And this modification is very successful because the repression is obvious according to the Figure 1 below.

SCU China-2018 dCas9 repression.png

As the picture shows, the part:BBa_J364000 and our part:BBa_K2611001 can both function well. And for the improvement: this part's expression can be regulated under the control of dCas9 system.

2017 Georgia State iGEM Team

Georgia State Growth Medium Study

Mean Fluorescence Intensity measured by flow cytometry of GFP expressed from 6-hour cultures of BBa_J364000 in multiple growth mediums.