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Applications of BBa_J100457


We grew three E. Coli plates on LB ampicillin agar. The negative control did not implement a DNA control element. The positive control (#J04450) contained a known, strong RBS. The third plate contained our experimental DNA control element. We harvested cells from each plate, taking three colonies from our experimental colonies (X1,X2,X3). We harvested red fluorescing cells from the positive control, green fluorescing cells from the negative control, and for our experimental cells we harvested apparently colorless cells. We loaded a 96 well plate with three samples of 200uL of each sample, including an only LB media sample. Then we loaded the 96 well plate into a Synergy Machine to measure fluorescence and light absorption of each sample. When examining our data, we subtracted the averaged absorption and fluorescence values measured from the LB media from each sample value. Then, for each sample, we calculated the ratio of fluorescence over absorption. Error bars are the standard error of the mean. N = Negative Control P = Positive Control

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