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Applications of BBa_I742111

A composite LIMS1 part with a Lac promoter has been characterized. For details, please visit this page.

Team TU Munich 2012 used this part as PCR-template to obtain the coding sequence of (+)-Limonene Synthase. See the page of our BioBrick BBa_K801060.

User Reviews



iGEM Dundee 2011

We found the sequence of this part to be correct as listed and modified it by the addition of a microcompartment targeting domain and an HA epitope tag (as BBa_K562015). This will allow better monitoring of production of the protein, and it was detectable using an anti-HA monoclonal antibody whenexpressed in E. coli. We did not get the chance to test limonene production in a host cell producing this part.


iGEM Wisconsin-Madison 2012

The sequence of this part matched the sequence listed. However, when we used this gene for the production of limonene, we were not able to produce any in E. coli. We thought a problem may be rare codons in the sequence, so we codon optimized it for E. coli and sent it in with our parts this year (BBa_K762100). However, neither the regular or codon optimized limonene synthase showed a GC/MS peak near the expected limonene ion. To toubleshoot the lack of limonene, we cloned the limonene synthase part (both codon optimized and non codon optimized) into the translational coupling cassette (BBa_K762000). This part easily determines if a part is being translated or not. According to the data we obtained from this cassete, codon-optimized limonene synthase is being fully translated by E. Coli and the non-codon optimzed version (BBa_I742111) is not being translated at all. See the following page for the TCC data:

In addition to the change in translation, growth curve data shows that the codon optimized version grows better in standard media.

See the following page for growth curve data