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Designed by: Reshma Shetty   Group:   (2008-01-05)

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Reshma Shetty

BBa_I50022 is a subpart of the default insert BBa_I52002 in BioBrick standard vectors pSB4A5, pSB4K5, pSB4C5 and pSB3K5 and the BioBrick base vector BBa_I51020. All new BioBrick vectors constructed from the BioBrick base vector BBa_I51020 will also contain the default cloned part BBa_I52002. BBa_I50022 ensures that BioBrick standard vectors and the BioBrick base vector propagate at high copy irrespective of the vector replication origin. Miniprep yields from plasmids containing BBa_I50022 tend to be very high (of order >100 ng/μL from a 5mL overnight culture).