Designed by: Caitlin Conboy and Jennifer Braff   Group: Antiquity   (2003-12-04)

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Applications of BBa_I0462

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No review score entered. Ilya Vainberg Slutskin

In the 2012 distribution kit, the well which is supposed to contain I0462, still contains something else, like previously reported.

Michael Pettigrew

In the 2010 spring distribution, the well which is supposed to contain I0462 actually contains pTet+RBS+ ECFP+Terminator.



This review comes from the old result system and indicates that this part worked in some test.



Aberdeen_Scotland 2009

The transformation, miniprep and digests, using XbaI and PstI, worked as expected. We did not test this part further, however, and can not confirm this parts functionality.