Designed by: Caitlin Conboy and Jennifer Braff   Group: Antiquity   (2004-03-02)

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Applications of BBa_E0020

CFP fluorescence output by British Columbia iGEM 2012

The strong constitutive promoter-ECFP generator (BBa_K804000) includes an enhanced cyan fluorescence protein (BBa_E0020) under the control of a constitutive pTet promoter (BBa_J23118). This composite part's purpose is to constitutively express the CFP(BBa_E0020), which is also available with a strong ribosome binding site (BBa_B0034).


Fluorescence Output of ECFP under a pTet constituitive promoter in co-culture and mono-culture with TyrA- auxotroph grown over time : TyrA- auxotroph is transformed with the ECFP construct (BBa_K804000) under the constitutive pTet promoter (BBa_J23118). We co-cultured this with MetA- auxotrophs containing a EYFP construct (BBa_K804001)under the same constitutive pTet promoter; as well as with TrpA- auxotrophs containing a RFP construct (BBa_K081012) under the same constitutive pTet promoter. These cells were grown in minimal media spiked with 10^-3M amino acids (methionine, tryptophan, and tyrosine) . Fluorescence output of ECFP for the three member co-culture, pairwise co-culture, and mono-culture with TyrA- auxotrophs are analyzed using a plate reader which measures emission of CFP at a wavelength of 439nm when excited at 476nm.

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