cI lam


Designed by: Vinay S Mahajan, Brian Chow, Peter Carr, Voichita Marinescu and Alexander D. Wissner-Gross   Group: Antiquity   (2003-01-31)

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Applications of BBa_C0051

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User Reviews



Aberdeen_Scotland 2009

Our miniprep, double digest and single digest worked as expected. We used this part for further cloning which was successful. The sequencing was correct. However we can not confirm that this part was working as we did not test it's functionality.

Michael Lower Warsaw 2009 Team

Our copy of BBa_C0051 was somewhat defective and wasn't able to repress 'cI lam' promoter efficiently enough.

We have sequenced this brick (results are in 'sequence analysis' tab) and it turned out that it has point mutation C->T at position 450 of cI CDS which leads to formation of premature stop codon at amino acid position 360. Additionally it has two other point mutations S504->N and S786->C. It leads to truncated nonfunctional protein. We have constructed working version of this brick BBa_K177050.

Keegan Owsley UC Davis 2010 team

Our team encountered some misbehavior with this part; according to our results, a spontaneous promoter is created by the addition of the barcode to the end of this part (steady state expression is roughly 0.32 RPU - 32% level of expression as compared to Bba_J23101). For a version of this part that does not have a barcode (and lacks this transcription), see BBa_K327018.