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Lambert_GA 2019 Characterization

T--Lambert GA--tuningreference.png

Figure 1: The highlighted points in yellow represent the combination of BBa_B0034 (reference RBS) with BBa_J23115 (reference promoter) compared to the remaining nine combinations highlighted in blue. Combinations showing promoters with the same strength, but different RBS, share similar expression. An increase in promoter strength results in an increase in expression; on the other hand, changes in RBS strength have a negligible effect on expression.

After we calculated Miller units, the data showed the reference’s level of expression was between the weak and medium promoter’s. As a result, the reference was graphed between the weak and medium promoter.

Characterizations of BBa_B0035

The Alverno_Ca team characterized BBa_K2066047, which includes BBa_B0035, as well as a series of other plasmids using TX-TL, a mean of in vitro transcription and translation using cell extract. Below is a graph of normalized expression of BBa_K2066047 in comparison to the other palsmids in the sequence. T--Alverno_CA--W%26M_corrected.png

This graph shows the fluorescence of the plasmids, over a period of 12 and a half hours, in a plate reader. T--Alverno_CA--W%26M_plasmid_time_traces_in_TXTL%282%29.png"

Applications of BBa_B0035

William and Mary iGEM 2016


We characterized the strengths of the Anderson RBS library.

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