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Characterizations of BBa_B0029

The Alverno_Ca team characterized BBa_K2066044, which includes BBa_B0029, as well as a series of other plasmids using TX-TL, a mean of in vitro transcription and translation using cell extract. Below is a graph of normalized expression of BBa_K2066044 in comparison to the other palsmids in the sequence. T--Alverno_CA--W%26M_corrected.png

This graph shows the fluorescence of the plasmids, over a period of 12 and a half hours, in a plate reader. T--Alverno_CA--W%26M_plasmid_time_traces_in_TXTL%282%29.png"

Applications of BBa_B0029

William and Mary iGEM 2016


We characterized the strengths of the Anderson RBS library.

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