Designed by: Reshma Shetty   Group: Antiquity   (2003-07-16)

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Applications of BBa_B0014

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iGEM Groningen 2009

The plasmid containing part BBa_B0014 was successfully transformed into E. coli TOP10 cells (confirmed by single and double digestion). The original plan was to use the terminator behind one of our own designed parts BBa_K190027, and in front of pArsR-RFP. The MBP-ArsR fusion protein was thought to have a regulating effect on the arsenic promotor pArsR in the same way as ArsR regulates the promotor. The terminator separated the two parts on the plasmid. The construct was not used due to time constraints, and not sequenced.


iGEM LMU-Munich 2012

The plasmid containing part BBa_B0014 was successfully sequenced and succesfully used as terminator for several constructs. We offer this part in pSB1C3: BBa_K823017