PBAD Promoter Family

Family:        pBAD strong        pBAD wild type        pBAD weak       


We have designed and characterized a family of arabinose-inducible pBAD promoters, consisting of the following members:

Note that a new set of pBAD promoters have been characterized; the pBAD SPL is a set of on non-leaky pBAD promoters with varying strength.

BBa_K206000: pBAD strong
BBa_I13453: pBAD wild type
BBa_K206001: pBAD weak
Alignment of the mutated bases in pBAD weak and pBAD strong compared to I13453.


See the individual parts pages for details on characterization.

Transfer Function

Transfer functions relating input concentration to output for each promoter in the pBAD family.

Expression Rate

Rate of RFP expression for each promoter in the pBAD family.


All of the promoters in the pBAD family respond specifically to L-arabinose.