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You've received a sample of your part, through the Distribution Kit or by request, or you've made a new part in the lab. Now you're ready to use it!

Remove your sample from its packaging

We send out our part samples "packaged" in plasmid backbones. There are a variety of plasmid backbones with common features, so your part samples will be in a plasmid backbone with a specific antibiotic resistance and replication origin.

Or you've made a sample of a new part. You may want to move that sample from the assembly plasmid backbones you used, or the plasmid that the DNA synthesis company sent your part sample in.

While you could continue to use these parts in their packaging its expected that you will want to take them out for your purposes whether it be for assembly, operation, or one of the many other uses for plasmid backbones.

See the plasmid backbone catalog page for more information. If you want to transfer your part sample into a plasmid backbone you can use the packaging protocol.

Characterizing Parts

Characterizing parts and providing information is integral to the synthetic biology community. You will be characterizing parts you construct, but it is also encouraged that you characterize parts that you received from the Registry. This information will be useful for your own system as well as future projects for other Registry users.

Depending on the function of your part you will want to use a system of characterization that will offer reliably accurate, preferably quantitative, data.

Examples by Part Type

Ribosome Binding Sites:
Protein domains:
Protein coding sequences:
Translational units:
Plasmid backbones:
Protein generators (?):
Reporters (?):
Inverters (?):
Receivers and senders (?):
Measurement devices (?):

Documenting Parts

Once you've characterized a part, you can add that information to the part's Main Page. Providing data to the community for new and old parts helps to improve the quality off that part. Future users will better understand the part and as a result create a better system.

Sharing Experience

The Experience page will have information from users about the part. This may come in the form of a simple review, data, and/or characterization. Since you'll be using a part sample, be sure to check the current user experience first. Once you use your part be sure to share your experience. You can provide measurements other characterization data, or simply state if the park worked or didn't work for you.

See BBa_I0500 as an example.

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