Help:Submission/Shipping Information


Here's how part samples are sent to the Registry

Why pSB1C3?

Why do samples need to be shipped in pSB1C3?

Detailed Instructions

Instructions on how to fill out the Registry's submission form.

Submission Kit

Registry groups are provided with a submission kit to ship their part samples.

Have questions on requirements or shipping part samples? Check the FAQ or contact us at hq (at) igem . org .

5. Shipping Information

Your shipment has not yet been finalized (even though it has been saved). You must fill in all of your shipping information. Be prepared with your tracking #! Have all your details (Carrier, Tracking #, and Send Date) on hand as you enter the information.

If you do not have this information ready, you can always come back to your submission form at a later time.

If a sample in your submission requires an exception, you can still finalize your submission form and send your shipment to us. When it has arrived at iGEM HQ, we will review parts that require an exception.

When you are finished providing shipping details, click on the I am finished filling in this information button to send your information to the Registry.

This finalizes your shipment information. Once selected you will no longer be able to edit your shipment.

The following page will confirm your submission: it will show all parts samples pertaining to your shipment number. Print out two copies of this page: one for your records, and one to include with your shipment.

You can go back to the DNA Submission Registry page and click on see your DNA submissions to check on the status of your shipment. You will be able to see when we have received your shipment and the status of your individual samples.

Make sure your team name, shipment #, and send date are written clearly on your submission!

You must include a tracking number with your submission form. For iGEM competition teams, teams must also follow the deadlines imposed by the Calendar of Events. If we do not receive your shipment, we will track your package and give that information to the judges.

When shipping your samples, make sure to include a detailed description of the package so that it gets through customs. Write the following:
Dry/liquid DNA, non-hazardous, non-infectious, non-regulated. For research use only.