Help:Submission/Sample Information


Here's how part samples are sent to the Registry

Why pSB1C3?

Why do samples need to be shipped in pSB1C3?

Detailed Instructions

Instructions on how to fill out the Registry's submission form.

Submission Kit

Registry groups are provided with a submission kit to ship their part samples.

Have questions on requirements or shipping part samples? Check the FAQ or contact us at hq (at) igem . org .

Update to the Registry's Submission System!

We've made some changes to the submission system that will give better feedback to users and help the Registry process new submissions. You'll see when your physical shipment has arrived at the Registry, and how your samples are being evaluated on an individual basis. If there is a mistake with the form, or an issue with a sample, you won't have to redo your submission form.

We hope these changes help, and improve the part submission process!

3. Sample Information

At the top of this page you will see your shipment #, which is used to identify and keep track of your shipment. The shipment # must be written clearly on your physical shipment.

    When adding a sample...
  • enter the part name (BBa_...)
  • enter the correct plasmid backbone (pSB1C3) that your part is in
  • press Save! You must save each sample individually.

Sample Status

When you add a new sample to the submission form, you must enter the Part (BBa_...) and Plasmid Backbone. This information is then used to automatically evaluate the sample and assign a sample status


    Your sample will be marked as accepted if it meets the following Registry submission requirements:
  • Your part is documented on the Registry
  • Your part is BioBrick compatible
  • You part is in pSB1C3, the Registry's shipping standard

Requires Exception

    Your sample will require an exception if it does not meet one or more of the Registry's submission requirements:
  • Your part is not BioBrick compatible
  • You part is not in pSB1C3, the Registry's shipping standard

Requires Exception

If your part does not meet one of the above requirements, it will be highlighted in red. However, you can continue to work on your submission form and send your shipment to us. When it has arrived at iGEM HQ, we will review parts that require an exception.

    After reviewing your sample we will change the part status to one of the following:
  • Accepted(U) - Your sample has has met the criteria for an exemption from one or more of the requirements. It's been accepted!
  • Pending(U) - We're working on evaluating this sample!
  • Rejected(U) - Unfortunately, your sample did not meet the criteria for an exemption. Additionally, the Registry may not be able to support this sample.

Special Considerations

Check any of the boxes that apply to that part. If:

This part is toxic to E.coli NEB10

Contact iGEM HQ first! The Registry transforms all parts into the NEB 10b strain, and are unable to support parts that are toxic to the strain.

I am sending a plasmid backbone

Contact iGEM HQ first! BBa_J04450 is the required standard shipping insert for submitting new plasmid backbones to the Registry.

This part is toxic in high copy number (use pSB3C5)

Contact HQ! pSB1C3 is a high copy number plasmid backbone. If your part or device is too taxing at a high copy number, that part is eligible for an exemption from the pSB1C3 requirement. You will need to use pSB3C5 instead.

I have sequenced this sample

Check the box if you've sequenced this part. This is not a box to have your part sequenced. At the moment the Registry does not collect any sequence data or trace files, but you can include this information on your part's main page.

4. Finish Adding All Your Samples

After adding all of the information for a sample, click on the Save link and then add another sample button if you are sending more parts to the Registry.

When you are finished adding all of your samples, click on the I am finished specifying the samples button.