Here's how part samples are sent to the Registry

Why pSB1C3?

Why do samples need to be shipped in pSB1C3?

Detailed Instructions

Instructions on how to fill out the Registry's submission form.

Submission Kit

Registry groups are provided with a submission kit to ship their part samples.

Have questions on requirements or shipping part samples? Check the FAQ or contact us at hq (at) igem . org .

Submission Formats

The Registry accepts DNA submissions in a few formats:

  • Single PCR Tubes
  • 8-Tube Strips
  • 96-Well Plates

The Registry no longer accepts submissions on filter paper, please use one of the alternatives above, and dry down the DNA.

Note: At iGEM HQ we use TE when eluting, however it is fine to use the elution buffer (or dH20) that comes with your miniprep kit.

Single PCR Tubes

  • 25ng/ul DNA at 10ul TE minimum (250ng total)
  • Wrap tube in lab tape and label with tube number
  • Cap tube tightly, and cover with palafilm
  • Ship in a 50ml Falcon tube labeled with your team name and Order #

Note: A major issue with single PCR Tubes is labelling: writing may be too small, or become smeared. Wrap lab tape all the way around the tube. Fill out the on-line DNA Submission form and write the tube number on the tab of the tape.

8-Tube Strip

  • 25ng/ul DNA at 10ul TE minimum (250ng total)
  • Wrap first tube in lab tape and label with tube number(e.g. #1, #9, #17, etc)
  • Cap tightly
  • Ship 8-tube strips inside a 50ml Falcon tube (two 8-tube strips per tube) labeled with your team name and Order #

96 well plate

  • 250ng minimum (DNA must be dried down before shipping)
  • Fill in the online DNA Submission form first
  • Add DNA to the wells in the order 1A, 1B, 1C, ... that is down first then across
  • Air-dry the DNA until no liquid remains. This is a preventative measure against leaks through the adhesive cover.
  • Cover tightly with foil or plastic adhesive cover (e.g. Axygen PCR-AS-200). Do not use ordinary aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Shipping Instructions

DNA Submission Example.png

Don't Forget to Label Your Shipment with...

  • Your Team/Lab Name
  • Your Shipment #
  • The Date your shipment will be sent

Packaging your submission for shipping

Place your submission in an appropriately sized shipping container, such as a cardboard box, along with the printout of the submission form. If you use cushioning material inside the container, limit cushioning material to foam peanuts, bubble wrap, packaging paper, or similar.

Note: Part submissions packaged in materials other than the above will be rejected and these part submissions will not be taken into consideration for medals or awards. It is important that you not hide your submissions in an effort to conceal them from customs, because they will be seized. For teams in countries with difficulty exporting liquid shipments, we highly recommend the team submit parts as dried DNA.