Collections/Uppsala Chromoproteins

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Chromoproteins are often responsible for coloration in corals or sea anemones. The expressed pigment can be seen by the naked eye and without any external tool, making them very useful as reporter proteins.

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The 2011 Uppsala iGEM team centered their iGEM project around a library of reporter proteins with a focus on chromproteins. The 2012 and 2013 teams, while having very different projects, continued the previous year's work alongside their projects. This has resulted in a large collection of chromoproteins, most of which have sequence confirmed samples, and can be found in the yearly distribution kits.

The following table contains their chromoprotein collection, focusing on the CDS and RBS+CDS parts.

NameDescriptionLengthCreated byDocumentationUsesTypeStatus
BBa_K1033250mCherry fusion protein codon optimised for Lactobacillus reuteri711Anders Edlund1074 ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033901meffBlue, blue chromoprotein (incl RBS)708Erik Gullberg18851ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033902meffBlue, blue chromoprotein669Erik Gullberg18851CodingIn stock
BBa_K1033905tsPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS)708Erik Gullberg11262ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033906tsPurple, purple chromoprotein690Sabri Jamal 11331CodingIn stock
BBa_K1033909fwYellow, yellow chromoprotein (incl RBS)732Erik Gullberg8362ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033910fwYellow, yellow chromoprotein714Sabri Jamal13382CodingIn stock
BBa_K1033913scOrange, orange chromoprotein (incl. RBS)717Erik Gullberg1310 ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033915amajLime, yellow-green chromoprotein (incl RBS)711Erik Gullberg2107 ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033916amajLime, yellow-green chromoprotein693Sabri Jamal 20876CodingIn stock
BBa_K1033918gfasPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS)687Erik Gullberg1624 ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033919gfasPurple, purple chromoprotein669Sabri Jamal 16243CodingNot in stock
BBa_K1033922meffRed, red chromoprotein (incl RBS)726Erik Gullberg13512ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033925spisPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS)697Erik Lundin17973ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033927asPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS)720Erik Lundin21351ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033929aeBlue, blue chromoprotein (incl RBS)717Erik Lundin22051ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033930amilCP, blue/purple chromoprotein (incl RBS)687Erik Lundin20822ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033931amilGFP, yellow chromoprotein (incl RBS)717Erik Lundin20254ReporterIn stock
BBa_K1033932spisPink, pink chromoprotein678Erik Lundin2013 CodingNot in stock
BBa_K1033933asPink, pink chromoprotein702Erik Lundin22911CodingNot in stock
BBa_K1073023Chromoprotein eforRed with RBS700iGEM Team Braunschweig 20131242 IntermediateIn stock
BBa_K2455005CPP-mTag BFP786Jon Fugl -1Coding 
BBa_K592009amilCP, blue chromoprotein669Lei Sun222331CodingIn stock
BBa_K592010amilGFP, yellow chromoprotein699Lei Sun196211CodingIt's complicated
BBa_K592011cjBlue, green chromoprotein702Antonio Ascue Avalos20856CodingIn stock
BBa_K592012eforRed, red chromoprotein 681Lei Sun18857CodingIt's complicated
BBa_K592023B0032-BFP724Lei Sun961 ReporterIn stock
BBa_K592024B0034-BFP723Lei Sun865 ReporterIn stock
BBa_K592025B0034-amilCP687Lei Sun21908ReporterIn stock
BBa_K592100Blue Fluorescent Protein (mTagBFP)705Erik Gullberg203624CodingIn stock
BBa_K592101Yellow Fluorescent Protein (YFP)720Erik Lundin14201CodingIn stock
BBa_K864100Super Yellow Fluorescent Protein 2 (SYFP2)723Erik Gullberg28566CodingIn stock
BBa_K864101B0032-SYFP2742Arvid Hedén Gynnå10302CompositeIn stock
BBa_K864102B0034-SYFP2741Arvid Hedén Gynnå1099 CompositeIn stock
BBa_K864401aeBlue blue chromoprotein699Erik Lundin22166CodingIt's complicated