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Metal Binding and Sensing Parts

Every year, a number of iGEM teams complete a variety of biosensors and bioremediation projects that involve metal-binding and metal-sensing. Their focus may be on several pollutants or just one. iGEM teams have worked with metals like nickel, mercury, lead, arsenic, copper, amongst others.

We've put together a collection of projects and DNA parts that are responsible for both metal binding and metal sensing.

Featured Part

Cellulose Collection

Group: Team Imperial 2014, and others

The 2014 Imperial iGEM team created a bacterial cellulose filter for their Aqualose project. They wanted to produce flexible, and pollution-specific filters to aid in water sanitation. They created a set of well-documented cellulose binding domains, paired with reporter genes (GFP) and metal binding domains.

Many other teams have also worked with cellulose, so check out the cellulose related parts collection.

Featured Part

Uppsala Chromoprotein Collection

Group: Team Uppsala

The 2011 Uppsala iGEM team centered their iGEM project around a library of reporter proteins with a focus on chromoproteins. The 2012 and 2013 teams, while having very different projects, continued the previous years' work alongside their projects.

This has resulted in a large collection of chromoproteins, with sequence confirmed samples, that can also be found in the yearly distribution kits. Check out their collection!

Featured Part

Anderson Promoter Collection

Designed by: John Anderson
Group: iGEM2006_Berkeley

Parts BBa_J23100 through BBa_J23119 are a family of varying expression level constitutive promoters for prokaryotes. They are among the most highly utlized parts on the Registry and have been shown to work in E. coli and B. subtilus.

These promoters are included in the current Registry distribution in pSB1C3.

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